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FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions]
What is IMGBIN?
IMGBIN is a website with over 12 million transparent PNG images. These images are uploaded by our users, and are free to download. This website is created by designers, for designers. IMGBIN is the go-to place if you need high quality images with a transparent background.
What about licensing of images?
All images on IMGBIN can be used for free for personal (Non-commercial) use. Attribution is not required but much appreciated!
Can I get a commerical license?
Yes, but you first need to get approval. To get approval for commercial use, you need to obtain approval from the user who uploaded the image. A PREMIUM account is needed to be able to request commercial licenses from uploaders. Although not guaranteed, these licenses are granted most of the time.
How can I change my username?
You can do this by going to your profile page. Please note that a PREMIUM account is required for username changes.
How can I contact IMGBIN?
Simply head over to our contact page where you will find our contact details.
How can I get content removed?
If your content has been uploaded to IMGBIN by another users, we will gladly remove it for you. Simply contact us, and we'll get right on it.
Why can't I upload images?
If you created a new IMGBIN account, you will not be able to upload images just yet. We block user uploads on brand new accounts. After a little while we will email you when user uploads are unlocked on your account. We do this to prevent misuse of our service.
Who can see my images?
All content uploaded to IMGBIN is public, so anyone could potentitally find your images by searching our website or visiting your images board. Do not upload images you do not want seen by other people.
What kind of images can I upload?
Please make sure you only upload family friendly images. Anything which is not family friendly will be removed, and your account will get permanently blocked. Also do not upload copyrighted content, only images you own or images believed to be "in the public domain".
How much can I download?
We FREE users to download 2 images per day. To unlock unlimited downloading, we require a PREMIUM account. Sometimes you can earn more FREE download credits by completing tasks on the website.
How can I delete my account?
Simply head over to this page to remove your account.
How can I downgrade from PREMIUM?
Send us a quick message via this form, and we will downgrade your account and stop billing.